Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Open Source Project

Welcome to The Open Source Project.

I consider myself an average to advanced PC user. This project is an experiment I am running to see how easily I can switch from currently used programs to open source only.

Now, a little background on my personal training and experience.

For OSes I have worked with Windows, 3.1, NT and XP. I have a bit of experience with 95, 98, ME, and Server 2003. I have limited Mac OS experience and can count the amount of times I have use a Mac on both hands. I have no Linux experience at all, in fact my only Linux experience amounts to installing Windows on a system that had Linux previously.

I consider myself a beginning programmer, I have a Bachelors of Information Technology Programming from AIU Online. Currently I work in the IT dept for a mortgage bank as a Loan Origination System developer. In the course of this job I have worked with VB.Net, LISP, and PL/SQL. Honestly most of my work is done via an editor built in VS for the LOS we use. I deal with a little code behind, but am in no way a full programmer.

In the systems and networking dept, I am also a beginner. I have set up a p2p network in my home office, but have little experience with servers, TCP/IP, etc... All of my computers are franken computers, but I have never built my own computer from scratch.

Well now you know a little of my background, lets move on to open source programs.

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